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    9 - 11 June 2017
    Pro/Am Regatta

Dunkerbeck Guarantee

Say the name Dunkerbeck and all sailing enthusiasts worldwide will immediately think of windsurfing. The siblings Britt and Bjorn Dunkerbeck with no fewer than 58 world championship titles total on their CV, have in fact since the 1980s become legends in the sportingworld, and have won almost everything there is to win in professional windsurfing.

Britt Dunkerbeck 17 x world champion - with two legs well planted on the ground - or rather; on the board!

My "workplace" is the best I could wish for! Not only is Hejlsminde a beautiful place - but perfect for teaching everything from beginners to advanced (and very advanced). To be able to spend my day, on and in the water, makes me HAPPY. The positive thing to teach this way, is that my clients are NOT at work - they have free, are on vacation, or attend their weekly sports activity ... this means that all of them are in very good spirits, full of energy, and free from stress... I get to spend the freest hours you have, with you: that is why I love my work!

Courses, Private lessons and Groups

Basic Windsurfing

  • 4 hours beginnercourse: kr. 795 / € 108
  • 10 hours beginnercourse (2-3 days): kr. 1695 / € 229
  • 10 hour rentalcard: kr. 950 / € 129
  • Seasoncard 1 person: kr. 1695 / € 229
  • Seasoncard family: kr. 3595 / € 486

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Advanced Courses

  • Beachstart and handeling
  • Planing and harness
  • Waterstart
  • Jibe and technique
  • Private lessons and groups

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  • Staff and company days by the water
  • Team building workshops
  • Family-, friends-, bachelor-day by and in the water
  • School- and club-excurcions
  • Book an experience for your group (min. 5 prs.)

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